Reaching Our Target for the Rachel Foundation

We started collecting 5 pence coins to mark National Fertility Awareness Week. Our aim was to collect a weight equal to the birth weight of our son, Edward who was born as a result of fertility treatment from Care Nottingham. Our hope is that this small thing will not only raise a small amount of money, but also help to raise awareness of infertility.

At the end of the year we reached our target of 3.68kg of 5 pence pieces.

We collected 1132 in total, making £56.60 which is going to The Rachel Foundation

  • IMG_20150108_125132

Thank you so very much to everyone who donated.

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Collection of 5 pence pieces for The Rachel Foundation

We have managed to reach 3kg of coins. Only 600g, just under £10 more to collect, before I send off the money at the end of the year.

We are so grateful to everyone for collecting for such a great cause, The Rachel Foundation

Thank you


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Update – 5 pence coins for The Rachel Foundation

Our collection of 5 pence coins is growing. We are currently at 2.6kg so just a little way to go to reach the target of 3.68kg.

If you are still keeping hold of your coins, I am going send the final amount off at the end of the year.

Thank you very much to everyone who has donated so far. The money is going to a great cause and we hope this will contribute to reducing the stigma attached to infertility.
Please keep collecting.



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Collect 5p coins for The Rachel Foundation


To mark National Fertility Awareness Week (27th October to 2nd November 2014), I am collecting 5 pence pieces to equal 3.68kg, the birthweight of our son Edward. A 5 pence piece weighs 3.25g, meaning we are aiming to collect 1132 coins.

It would be great if you could collect any 5 pence coins you get between now and the end of November. If you are able to collect coins but cannot get them to me, please post me a cheque and I will withdraw the amount in 5 pence pieces. Alternatively, pay your collected coins into your bank and then donate them using
I will then add the coins to our weight total.

CARE Nottingham looked after us and gave us the treatment we needed to enable us to get pregnant with Edward. The Rachel Foundation was established by CARE and funds research to enable more people to have children.


It may look like we are only aiming raise a very small amount of money, but our main objective is to raise awareness and get people talking about fertility issues.


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31st July – A Trip to Culzean Castle and 1st August

31st July – A trip to Culzean Castle

A slightly more leisurely morning today and Edward, Mum and I had a very quick swim before Mum and Chris went off North to continue their holiday.


Chris and I discussed caravans, by which I say I asked a question and Chris gave me an answer of which I understood about every other word.


Daddy and Chris came to watch me swim and I gave them my best smile and a bit of a splash.


Rob, Edward and I went off to Culzean Castle and Country Park. This Castle did not appear a traditional militarised castle, more like a stately home with crenulations’ although it had a battery with replica cannons and powder room which would suggest it had once been used as a military base.


I enjoyed spending time with the family and doing my part by carrying Ed in the harness. I now get that carrying him around is hard work so perhaps I might slow down a bit in future.


I woke up in my carrier and saw a man with a ginger beard and it was my Dad!

 31st July (6)

We had a picnic overlooking the sea, and a view of a man up a ladder.


I preferred to look at the sea but not sure about Martha.


31st July (9)


We had a lovely walk along the beach and saw a lake with some swans. Next we wandered through the very impressive walled garden, which, as many of our trips do, included a ‘closed for repair’ section. The flowers were beautiful and I even managed to identify one or two correctly.

 31st July (10)

I have no idea if these were correct as my flower knowledge is predominantly colour based but Martha sounded convincing.


A quick coffee and a wander around the outside of the castle was only briefly interrupted by the rain but it is definitely a place worth a visit.


On the way back, I decided to take the family on an impromptu tour of Ayr in the rain which seemed to confirm that not visiting Ayr was indeed a wise move.


Back to the van just in time to avoid the torrential rain and for the evening athletics session on the television.


I nearly had my first meal today; a piece of my baby shape book but I did not keep it in my mouth. Oh well, better luck next time.

 31st July (15)

Tomorrow, a place involving trains.


What are the odds of that?


1st August


It rained


A lot



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30th July – Off to the Games

A brisk start this morning and back to Ayr to get the train in to Glasgow


What happened there? I had set the alarm for 5.30 and then it appeared to be 6.20 already. Thank goodness that it rained or I might still be asleep now. Somehow we still managed to make the 6.50 train with 90 seconds to spare. The only down side was that in the rush, someone forget to tighten their water bottle so my bag got a little wet. Goodbye bag and pom pom.


A smooth but busy train journey across to Mount Florida and a short walk up to Hampden Park. The ‘Clydesiders’ (Gamesmakers) were very friendly if not quite as enthusiastic as those at the Olympics and Paralympics.


The balance between being friendly whilst retaining that intrinsic sarcasm/world weariness of Glaswegians must be a constant challenge.


The security search was efficient and soon we were in our seats in the stadium. Some very kind people, one of whom was something to do with the Scottish team swapped seats with us so we were able to sit on an end in order to get out with Edward if needed.

 30th July (9)

We went off to find a baby change and after asking several stewards, gave up and used a disabled toilet floor.


I really enjoyed my time in the stadium, listening to the shouting and cheering and joining in the clapping with Mummy. Everyone cheered me when I pushed down a chair with my foot (at least I think it was me they cheered).


We had a great view of the discus and long jump. Also we got to see a few track events and some high jump. The 400m hurdles involved a very efficient, military style hurdle arranging system and one heat featured Dai Greene who didn’t manage to qualify.

 30th July (6)

And I managed to stay awake through the whole hour of the event.


Er .. The session lasted two and a half hours, lad.



On the way back to the train, we saw 6 posters saying yes to an independent Scotland and only 1 no.


I reckon this means they don’t need to hold the referendum; the result is clear. This is far more conclusive than most statistics for hair care products after all.



Back to Glasgow and Martha’s for lunch again (there’s nothing like being predictable) before we went off to meet Mum at the station.


Daddy taught me how to use a spoon and cup today. All I need now is some food; Mummy’s soup looked good.


Janet proved that her glasses might need changing as she managed to miss us whilst looking straight at us.


We all had a quick visit to the art gallery before Edward and I went back to Ayr and the caravan, leaving Rob and Mum to watch the athletics again.


This time, Martha was very clear about where the car was and managed to get home with minimal fuss.


Edward and I watched England’s women get gold, silver and bronze in the individual all around gymnastics final and then settled in to watch the athletics and try to spot Janet and Rob in the crowd.


At some point, my clothes disappeared but they returned soon enough. I spotted a man with a gingery beard but Mum said it was Greg Rutherford and not Daddy.


Janet and I arrived just as the gates opened and swiftly entered our seats with a great view of the track, in front of high jump and the shot put. We were lucky enough to see Greg Rutherford win gold, a commonwealth record in the Javalin and Valerie Adams breeze to gold in the shot put. We decided to stay and watch the medal ceremonies at the end so got caught up in the queues for the trains but it was worth it to hear the New Zealand anthem. I even managed to successfully dodge the kiss cam whilst standing next my mother in law. The only down-point was my pie and mash without mash which I would just call a pie. It would appear that the stall had not got in their order of mash which I would think might be a priority as it consists of 33% of the name of the stall. I arrived back to give Ed a cuddle just before 1am, feeling tired but content and with a craving for some cheesy mash.


Tomorrow a trip to a Country Park



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29th July – We are going on a Clyde hunt

We headed off to Ayr this morning, aiming for a car park suggested by Mum and Chris. This one was full so we went for another option. This being also full we chose a third, attached to a shopping centre. (Remember this, there will be a test later)


Should be easy; it’s attached to a huge shopping centre.


We met Mum and Chris on the platform ready to get the train across to Glasgow. It wasn’t too busy at our stop and we managed to get some seats together.


When we all got to Glasgow, Daddy got me a yellow pom pom so I could wave it at the Games.


It was free.


When we arrived in Glasgow we went straight to check whether Martha’s was still open, fortunately it was, and we found a table for our lunch. The food is as good as we remembered and it appears to be gaining popularity and has won several awards since our last visit.


I don’t remember of course but it did taste good. If ever a restaurant was named correctly for their target audience, this is it. Shame about the 300 mile gap or we would be regulars.


I enjoyed watching everyone eat and banging a plastic spoon on the table so everyone looked at me.


We took a walk to George’s Square to have a sit on the grass by ‘The Big G’.


We found a good spot.


There was a youth marching band playing which was very impressive followed by some bagpipers. From here we decided to go on a ‘Clyde Hunt’ Clyde is the Commonwealth Games mascot, who is a cartoon version of a thistle. Rob created a route where we could head up to the Cathedral past 6 of these mascots. We ran out of energy part way but managed to see 5. They all have different designs and are about 6 feet high.


You will notice that we planned to find 6. I am not sure where the last one disappeared but I reckon Ed was distracting us all.


Huh .. Me?


Clyde is without doubt an odd looking fellow and undeniably Scottish.

29th July (3)


We walked past several buskers including a very good chap on guitar called Ben Monteith.

Back to the square for a rest and a brief hunt for Rob’s phone (not a key this time – and it was in his bag…) before Chris, Edward and I got the train back to Ayr and Mum and Rob went off to Hampden Park for the Athletics.


Despite seeming to lose everything at present, I was secure in the knowledge that I would not lose my games ticket. Wait a sec … ?


With full awareness of my appalling sense of direction, Rob made sure I could remember where he had parked the car and that I knew the route back to the campsite. He hadn’t on the other hand accounted for the fact I may lose a multi-storey car park attached to a very large shopping centre.


How this is possible is a mystery to me. The shopping centre is frankly huge.


Finally back to the car, Edward and I had a fairly successful drive back to the campsite. After driving around the site 3 times I resorted to making another phone call to Rob so he could direct us to the caravan.


I worry about the term ‘fairly’ successful. Oh well, it passed the time in the queue for the games. We were only half an hour early for the gates opening and were in our seats with 1 hour 50 minutes to spare. Practically late.


Edward and I had a lovely relaxed evening watching the Athletics on the television, trying to spot Mum and Rob on the coverage.


I did spot a man with an impressive beard but Mum tells me that he is called Martyn Rooney who is not my dad.


The Games were impressive. Janet and I saw lots of exciting races and events, including the triple jump, the women’s 400m final (a Jamaican 1, 2, 3), the men’s hammer (including a friend of Rebecca’s from school), the end of the men’s decathlon and an excellent 1500m women’s final. The only disappointing part of the evening was a poor cheese burger. Janet and I managed to get back to Ayr impressively quick with minimal waiting. All that and I feel pretty awake; tomorrow morning should be a breeze.


Tomorrow, an early start for our trip to Hampden Park.




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